9 top free online collaboration tools for more productive teamwork

You can create comprehensive task cards with images and chats so all details are in one place. And like Asana, Trello integrates with other popular platforms like Outlook and Google Drive. It might not have in-depth project management features like some other tools, but it’s a simple way to track tasks collaboratively. Slack is an online collaboration tool that helps remote teams connect via messaging. Everyone can send instant messages, create group chats and channels, and attach images and documents. Slack is also searchable, so you can quickly locate messages on a particular topic or previously shared files.

You’ll have access to detailed reports on daily and weekly productivity, along with a nifty feature that blocks distracting websites such as YouTube etc. If real-time collaboration, along with simultaneous editing and easy sharing is your priority, then Google Workspace can be your ideal solution. As with any tool, we recommend exploring the specific features and pricing plans of Dropbox Business. Similar to Asana, it’s highly customizable but it also features Kaban, Gantt charts and timelines views for greater visual understanding. You should expect a learning curve when compared to using other collaboration tools. While there’s no universally correct choice, we’ve curated a set of criteria to aid in your decision-making journey.

Workflow and project management tools

By providing the ability to call in via a computer or phone anywhere around the world, GoToMeeting is an ideal online meeting tool for national and international teams. The ability to record calls and share internally or with clients makes sure no one misses the conversation. If you need the ability to conduct video and/or audio calls, Skype has you covered. The app is available on a variety of platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, web, Android, iOS, and Windows mobile.

  • Often, unnecessary activities masquerade as productivity, leading to delays and financial drain.
  • Time Doctor lets you see your remote group members, contracted employees, and freelancers if they are working properly.
  • Whiteboards have always been a great method for brainstorming new ideas and coming up with solutions.
  • But beyond that, you can use it to create entire knowledge bases, or wikis, which your team can use to make sure they’re following proper procedures.
  • Paid plans start from $15 per month but for collaboration purposes, a business plan starting at $99 per month will be required.

The advantage of a paid plan is that you’ll have unlimited search options, unlimited app and integrations and allows for group calls with screen sharing. The free plan limits you to searches within 10,000 messages, only one to one calls and no more than 10 apps and integrations. LiquidPlanner is one of the remote collaboration most impressive and complex project management systems available. As a project collaboration tool, LiquidPlanner has all the functions you would need to create and manage projects. This includes the ability to assign various team members to work on projects, set deadlines, add milestones, and so forth.

Top Virtual Collaboration Tools For Remote Teams in 2022

This collaboration tool is a work operating system that provides a flexible and visual way to manage projects, tasks and workflows. This is a favorite for remote teams but pricing can be on the higher side for larger teams, so be sure to refer to your budget. Pricing – While free to use, a paid plan allows you to create a digital contingency plan with emergency access to select individuals. Paid plans also include advanced multi-factor options and much more. Premium plans start at $2 per month for individuals, business plans start from $2.42 per user per month with admin dashboards, security policies, and user management among other features. Being able to share files and content is a constant need for remote teams.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

Overall, if you’re looking for one of the best online collaboration tools that is free and easy, then opt for Trello. Trello is an intuitive and highly customizable software with drag-and-drop functionality for actioning plans quickly. The project management tool offers all the essentials in its free plan but lacks advanced management features that larger companies often need. Another feature of Trello is its ability to integrate with other apps. This integration capability means teams can connect tools they already use, making their Trello experience more comprehensive.

Board meeting templates

Paid plans can cost as little as $29 per month for each user all the way up to $99 per month, per user, if you use the top-shelf plan. One of the best features is the fact that you can use Toggl anywhere, anytime. You can use the tool through your web browser whether you’re online or offline. One of the only drawbacks that you’ll face when using Zoom is the 40-minute group meeting time limit for those using the free plan.

  • ‍Figma is a highly versatile browser-based graphics and user interface (UI) design platform that offers a multiplayer experience.
  • Just open up your favorite browser-based apps, documents, and files on the canvas and work together side by side or make progress async.
  • InVision makes it super easy to share a prototype link with a potential user to have them click around what the product might look like and give real-time feedback.” – Karly M via GetApp.

I appreciate the openness across the many initiatives I am participating in since it allows me to see how my work affects others and vice versa. I also like how we can combine many technologies to provide a single source of status information. It also comes with all the tools you need for proper project monitoring, including task cards and checklists.” – Jannie Padberg via G2. The free trial is a great way to get started, but the full range of features is often only available with paid plans.

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